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Proof that life imitates art — or at least  on Netflix — China will soon be arty strict penalties for those with low “scores” on its alleged “social credit” system. Starting May 1, Chinese citizens with low scores will be unable to travel via plane or train for up to a year, according to a absolution by the country’s Civic Development and Reform Commission.

Theoretical physics isn’t the easiest field in science to construe into laymen’s terms. Until afresh it’s solely been the domain of geniuses like the late Stephen Hawking and fabulous characters such as Sheldon Cooper. As companies like Google, IBM, and Intel work to build breakthrough computer systems that offer supremacy over binary computers, it’s a good time to learn some basic terms and concepts. We’ve got you covered fam.

For Mac users, there exist no curtailment of great email applications. If you’re befitting score, Newton, Spark, Polymail, and Airmail all deserve high marks. As a bit of a abiding email client switcher, I’ve used all at one point or addition and I think it’s really a alternative at this point — so many great options exist. Windows users? Sorry, not so much.

With about 2,000 accelerators worldwide, it’s really hard for startups to choose which programs to attend, if any. Especially when the differences are small, but the implications can be enormous. In May last year, I abounding a absolutely new concept, the decelerator Menorca Millennials. Here’s what I learned.