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Last week, a analytical update to Google’s GitHub athenaeum showed that the aggregation had forked Swift, a programming accent created by Apple for architecture iOS/macOS/tvOS/watchOS apps. We ahead heard that the idea was for the aggregation to accord to the open-source language’s base, as well for Google to use it to create centralized tools for iPhones and iPads. But there’s more.

Uber’s all-in on self-driving cars. It makes sense. Built on the backs of its drivers, Uber’s future might very well be bent by whether or not it can alter them. Free cartage don’t get paid, don’t skip out on active when they’re sick, and (probably) don’t film Travis Kalanick dancing to Maroon 5 in the backseat of an SUV.

Facebook this summer appear a advance in neural arrangement training. Its advisers were able to fully train an image processing AI in one hour, using 256 GPUs. Not to be outdone a group of university advisers did it in 32 account with 1600 Skylake processors. And a week later a team in Japan did it in 15 minutes. This is why we call it an AI race.