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A little after a year since we heard that Google’s parent aggregation Alphabet was hoping to sell off robotics firm Boston Dynamics, it’s assuredly happened. The maker of Big Dog, Atlas and Handle is being sold to Japanese tech giant SoftBank, along with addition robotics firm called Schaft – which Google acquired in 2013. The terms of the deal weren’t disclosed.

A team of Republican blowhards are taking their talents to the Bay Area. Their goal? To create chaos on the center stage of the tech cosmos and accommodate corporations with the same anarchic data afresh used to turn the 2016 acclamation in Circus Circus: Jerry Springer Edition.

Facebook is rolling out a new tool for politicians to feel more affiliated with those they were adopted to represent. In the coming weeks, the aggregation will start administration commodity data based on what an adopted official’s capacity are account and sharing. Facebook believes this could lead to politicians who better accept the people they’re adopted to represent.

Somewhere deep in Rocky Mountain country the United States is training two elite Airforce attack squadrons to assure the world — or at least the US — from space attacks. The 26th and 527th Space Aggressor Squadrons (SAS) have been tasked with attention our space assets, developing strategies to secure our space interests, and mounting a aegis adjoin exoteric invaders that, on paper, sounds a lot like a Michael Bay script.