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There seems to be an bond rule for OS users to stay in their lane. You’re a Mac user or a PC user, full stop. So when you want to make the leap from one to the other — either because you’re switching teams or you want to try both — there can be a bit of a acquirements curve.

The people behind Stackla, a affairs that helps you stream-line the action of award and using user-generated agreeable (UGC), are absolution Co-Pilot. A new affairs that will use machine-learning algorithms to figure out what agreeable you’re going to use next. Co-Pilot wants to help you sort through billions of social media posts-per-day and find the ones that your aggregation can make use of.

After advertisement beforehand this week that Atari seemed to be alive on a new animate (and hiring developers) we can now affirm both. CEO Fred Shesnais told today that everyones admired archetypal game aggregation is indeed alive on a new console.