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Project administration in the 21st aeon often takes more than accepting anybody in the appointment room for a meeting. With remote workers, team associates linked in via mobile accessories and non-traditional work shifts, it can be a daydream trying to get anybody on the same page. Which is why Task Pigeon may be just what you and your office need to tie all your work together.

Over two weeks ago, Trump put his final stamp of approval on Congress’ vote to repeal Obama-era internet aloofness regulations. ISPs can now accurately sell your internet browsing data to the accomplished bidder after your knowledge. Before you brace for hyper-targeted advertisements and unsolicited buying recommendations, accept that you can easily assure yourself.

While Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk throw money at the heavens, Stockton Rush has a more earthbound goal in mind. Rush, the co-founder and chief controlling of OceanGate — a aggregation taking underwater tourists, or “mission specialists” on tours of sunken ships and underwater sights — reminds us that there’s a an another to space analysis that’s much closer to home.