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Nobel laureates in physics, chemistry, economics, and anesthetic aggregate in Stockholm last week for the Nobel Week and Nobel Prize Awards ceremony. Apart from the Nobel Prize winners announcement, other agitative news came along – HTC VIVE and Nobel Media appear a affiliation to create the first basic absoluteness (VR) acquaintance for the Nobel Prize in Analysis or Medicine.

Adding to the list of things robots do better than humans, this conception from the University of Tokyo is now better than we are at exercise. In Science Robotics today, the advisers showed off their newest humanoid robot, Kengoro, who can do sit-ups, push-ups, and back extensions — which a quick Google search appear to me, is absolutely a real thing.

Rigetti, a breakthrough computer startup, afresh appear its advisers created a method for breakthrough computers to run a absorption algorithm (a way for AI to separate data into groups). There are a number of companies, including IBM and Google, using AI in the development of breakthrough systems, but this is one of the first times breakthrough apparatus acquirements has been auspiciously tested.