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The Indian government is planning to gain complete access to non-personal data of people in India, according to a report by Tech2. Non-personal data is anonymized data which can’t be traced back to analyze a person. For example, acclimate sensors after a specific area or e-Commerce data after claimed identification.

A pair of physicists from Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University (IKBFU) in Russia afresh proposed an absolutely new view of the cosmos. Their analysis takes the wacky idea that we’re living in a computer simulation and mashes it up with the extraordinary “many worlds” theory to say that, essentially, our entire cosmos is part of an abundantly large breakthrough system spanning “uncountable” multiverses.

A 17-year old Muslim girl on TikTok has been uploading now-viral makeup tutorials, but with a political twist. In a video shared by “@getmefamouspartthree,” Feroza Aziz acutely gives tips on how to amplify your lashes by cogent users to grab a set of lash curlers, but then directs admirers to use their phones to search for “China’s Muslim absorption camps” — this is in advertence to the detention of about 1 actor Uighur people in Xinjiang, China right now.