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This is the third story in our continuing series accoutrement the basics of AI. While it isn’t all-important to read the first article, which covers neural networks, doing so may add to your compassionate of the topics covered in this one. If you’d like to know how computers “see,” visit the second commodity to learn about computer vision and image processing. 

I pay people to talk to me. As a researcher, I about study a accurate artefact or a accurate industry, so I need to find people who have bought that artefact or who shop in that industry. Then, that person has to agree to take time out of their busy day to have a video call with me or meet me in person at a analysis facility. The capacity vary from activity to project, but to get anyone to talk, I have to atone them for their time, cover their busline costs, and try my best to make the whole account action a affable acquaintance for them.