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Facebook’s fake news botheration is all the rage these days. After adopting hell about Facebook’s role in the recent acclamation — and a ambiguous acknowledgment from CEO Mark Zuckerberg — we’re really back at square one. It’s a problem, we all know it’s a botheration (save Zuckerberg), and at this point we’re still disturbing for a band-aid — although we do have some suggestions.

McDonald’s has gone fancy. After rolling out a new model called “Just For You” in a number of all-embracing locations, we’re now starting to see them in the US. California, Florida and New York all affection the upgraded take on fast food faire, each with their own touchscreen kiosks for customizing your McGreasy, table account and payments made with Android or Apple Pay.

After the recent roll out of adaptation 8 of Tesla’s Autopilot software, humans can breathe easy. The new system leans heavily on radar for obstacle apprehension and is the first that will meets Level 5 freedom specifications, according to Elon Musk. Put simply, it’s capable of fully free driving, although Musk and Tesla aren’t going to allow that just yet.