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After advertisement beforehand this week that Atari seemed to be alive on a new animate (and hiring developers) we can now affirm both. CEO Fred Shesnais told today that everyones admired archetypal game aggregation is indeed alive on a new console.

Is your Mac acting just…? Stuff like drives not appearing, screens not adjusting correctly, Bluetooth problems, AirPort non connecting? Maybe your fan is active ceaseless or your array has said that it is 50% charged…for two days…and your MacBook is . Yeah, these aren’t problems that simple rebooting often fix. And while doing stuff like fixing permissions can fix strangeness, this is aberancy on a deeper level. This is . The good news is that, you’re only a few key presses and reboots away from things (hopefully) being back to normal.

iPhone assembler Wistron has accepted what Apple fans have been cat-and-mouse to hear: it’ll be waterproof, and offer wireless charing. According to two Apple analysts, Jeff Pu and Arthur Liao, Wistron is agreeable orders with Foxconn on the new 5.5-inch iPhone — accepted to be the iPhone 7s Plus.