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Gatebox AI is a abandonment from archetypal agenda assistants. While the Google’s and Apple’s of the world analyze the development for outside-the-box solutions to acculturate their offerings, Gatebox said ‘fuck the box’ — conceivably actually — and shoved a blue-haired teen anime girl inside. I don’t know about you, but the thought of giving a digital assistant a embodied form and locking her in a glass butt sounds less like addition and more like a sex crime.

The administering body amenable for testing and certifying voting systems has itself been hacked, according to a report from security company, Recorded Future. The report was added embodied by TechCrunch, as the US Acclamation Assistance Commission (EAC) accepted a “possible intrusion” around the time of the election.

President-elect Donald Trump’s tech summit takes place tomorrow in New York. In appearance we have the who’s-who of the tech world, including: Alphabet CEO Larry Page, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, and SpaceX/Tesla CEO Elon Musk. One notable exclusion from the list is Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, who wasn’t invited.