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Mobile accessories (and wearables) are the accessible fit for biometric aegis measures. Whether it’s the acutely adopted RFID or NFC implants, or more accepted faire like retinal scanning and fingerprint sensors, aegis that exceeds the common countersign is on the border — or already here.

Sure, iRobot’s ‘Roomba’ is functional, but it also lacks personality. Sleek lines give way to automated buttons, whirring noises, and the casual thump as it slaps the wall before agilely beat and trying again. It’s a appreciably efficient robot and it does it’s job well. It’s not, about furry and accessible in pink.

By now, it’s safe to say that we’ve read the letters of the fire hazard that is Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7. If you own one, you’ve apparently even swapped it for a newer ‘safe’ replacement, or traded it in for an absolutely altered model. What you apparently haven’t seen, however, is what happens when you ignore Samsung’s advice — or your own common sense — and decide to keep the phone.