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Crafting the absolute user acquaintance may be the most important task of any web developer. Burrowing down to actuate absolutely what a user needs and the most automatic means of carrying that advice is a web builder’s primary responsibility. Prove you take that albatross actively when you complete the apprenticeship in the UI/UX Design Bootcamp course bundle, now just $39 from TNW Deals.

UPDATE 04-11: Amnesty International is advertisement that Ruslan Sokolovsky has been bedevilled to a three-and-a-half year abeyant prison book by a court in Yekaterinburg this morning. The YouTuber was found guilty of “inciting hatred” and “offending believers’ feelings.” Read the full story about his arrest in September below.

Today in Seattle, Microsoft kicked off its annual developer conference, Build. Build is a appointment by developers, and for developers, so we don’t get the consumer-facing technology at the same scale as other dev events, like those from Google, Facebook, and Apple, but we still have plenty of cool stuff to talk about.