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Is AR going to make our life better or turn it into a daydream absoluteness overlaid with ceaseless ads? At SXSW we watched the short film HYPER-REALITY by Keiichi Matsuda with Galit Ariel, who’s publishing a book on our AR future: Augmenting Alice. Matsuda’s film shows a accessible dystopian future of AR and we wanted to know if Ariel anticipation it might be coming true. Spoiler: it already is.

If you looked past the VR overload, there were a ton of absolutely alien articles being featured on the floor at SXSW. So many, that we absitively to make a assembly of the weirdest, craziest shit we could find for y’all to enjoy. So enjoy.

Startups and SMEs often attempt to access acceptable sources of financing. That happens because banks tend to favor aegis over risk and innovation, and technology companies mostly thrive on the latter. The alternative, therefore, is to seek abstracted Angels or VC firms accommodating to take that risk and abutment startups on their journey, yet these can be difficult to access alfresco accustomed hubs and tech ecosystems.