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When the UK government annulled its plans to amaze train lines across Wales, the Midlands and the north of England, and cut back on the Great Western rail arrangement electrification, it brought a abortive end to a rail advance program once touted as the better the country had seen since the Victorian era. But now letters suggest the government and train manufacturers are hoping there may be an another way to turn British railways electric: hydrogen.

The change of accent adapted a defenceless naked ape into a world-dominating force. It fundamentally adapted how humans address advice and knowledge. A large and potent basic of accent is our adeptness to acquaint about things that are not here, that happened in the past, or that will happen in the future. This affection of accent is known as “displaced reference”.

Sign languages aren’t easy to learn and are even harder to teach. They use not just hand gestures but also mouthings, facial expressions and body aspect to acquaint meaning. This complication means able teaching programs are still rare and often expensive. But this could all change soon, with a little help from bogus intelligence (AI).