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The year, sadly, has come and gone after the actualization of a superintelligent AI overlord. And, bold Santa doesn’t have a new deep acquirements archetype in his sack of toys, we’ll have to try again next year. Still, there was a lot of cool stuff that happened in the AI world in 2018.

Every year, the time comes again when many of us switch our clocks from summer or daylight-saving time back to winter time. And the usual abashing sets in, is it an hour assiduously or back? Why do we need to change the time at all? Indeed, EU member states have been asked if they would like to simply skip aurora saving time.

It’s that time again. The year is cartoon to a close, so it’s time to look back and see which agenda worlds we lost ourselves in the most this year. As usual, everything’s disconnected up into genre categories, and we’ve included our runners up, as well.