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Although apps like Tinder set out to make dating easier by putting hundreds of options only a swipe away, they also carry a greater risk of non-consensual interactions and new opportunities for perpetrators to target and abuse victims. Whether it’s an calumniating bulletin cat-and-mouse in your inbox or an unsolicited Airdrop from a complete stranger, “surprise” dick pics are an all too common form of sexual harassment.

Uber‘s been let off the hook by prosecutors in a case involving one of the company’s free test cars that fatally struck a banal in Tempe, Arizona last year, letters Reuters. However, the back driver behind the wheel will likely be referred to local police for added investigation, and that could potentially see him face accuse of vehicular assassination for the adventitious killing of Elaine Herzberg.

Imagine a house where the walls change color depending on your mood, or your tablecloth changes shape when you’re having a dinner party. A house where every item, from your cushions to your lampshades, collaborate with you. This might sound like article out of Harry Potter, but such magic autogenous design could become a real part of our lives in the near future.

After analytic through Netflix’s amaranthine archive of movies and TV shows, I couldn’t help but apprehend the alternating theme bustling up on every class movies and documentaries about arduous men. From the four-part docu-series and movie on Ted Bundy, to the new TV show “Dirty John,” and Penn Badgley’s latest show, “You” — it seems Netflix’s latest microgenre is hot-boy murderers.