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If you were to visit Facebook’s Menlo Park campus just a few years ago, you’d see the company’s famous motto – “Move fast and break things” – bashed on the walls. It was born out of the company’s hacker mindset of young software engineers architecture a rapidly growing startup.

The Chinese government has been absolute in its goal to become the global AI leader. Three of the better tech companies in China — Sougou, China’s second-biggest search giant, Sinovation Ventures, and internet firm Bytedance — have joined forces to bring that plan to fruition. The companies pooled funds and data to create the AI Challenger contest.

If you’re acquirements tech to make a living, here’s an important stat you should mull over: Job seekers with Cisco arrangement ambassador skills make an estimated 9 percent more than a fellow job hunter after those talents. Cisco charcoal the capital name in system networking and coordination, so it stands to reason that those who accept the ways of Cisco will be adored more handsomely.