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Humanoid robots are a vanity project: an attack to create bogus life in our own image – about trying to play God. The botheration is, we’re not very good at it. Ask addition on the street to name a robot and you might hear “Terminator”, “the Cybermen” or “that gold one from Star Wars”. What you’re not going to be given are names like Tesla Model X, Cassini or DJI Inspire 2. These are all robots, but they don’t follow the sci-fi anecdotal of what robots should be like. The fact is, the robots of the near future won’t be going about on two legs like the ambiguity C3PO. And they’ll be much more able than us bipeds.

As President Donald Trump gears up to bear his first State of the Union Address, it’s his attack manager, not the President, that should be sweating. Trump has little to lose. He is who he is, and we’ve come to expect annihilation less than a circus each time he’s behind a podium (or a mobile keyboard). It’s been a agitated year, but tonight offers an befalling to right past wrongs, to take the stage, calm and collected, and bear a speech that inspires aplomb in a disconnected country.