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You walk down a alley and arrive at a door, but when you reach out for the knob, your hand grabs annihilation but thin air. You’re active down a road toward a bridge, only to find out that the bridge did not exist—when your car is falling off a cliff. In both cases, you’ve been the victim of an aggrandized absoluteness hack, in which attackers accommodation your AR glasses or windshield to affectation inexistent agreeable and tricking you into making fatal mistakes.

Apple has been developing specialized chips for administration assertive functions in its phones and computers for the past couple of years, and it’s now planning to take things up a notch: Bloomberg letters that the aggregation is gearing up to make all its processors centralized by 2020, and ditch its adept supplier Intel in the bargain.

Work takes up a lot of our time, or around 92,120 hours over our lifetime, to be exact. So, it’s not hard to work out why being happy at work is so important. Studies have found that happy workers are healthier, more productive, and even more likely to get promoted.

HTC today appear its $799 Vive Pro angle is accessible for preorder with aircraft set to begin April 5th. If the most big-ticket customer VR angle to date doesn’t tempt you, the aggregation is also bottomward the accepted Vive angle by $100 to $499. With games like and set to absolution on the belvedere soon it’s a good time to get in on the VR craze.