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It features file, contacts and calendar sync, quickly share files, calendars and so on, file versioning (you can easily revert the changes you make to a file) and support for external storage so you can mount Dropbox, Swift, FTPs, GoogleDrive, S3 and external WebDAV servers from ownCloud. More about ownCloud features.

The latest ownCloud 6 features an improved design, performance improvements as well as new features:
  • ownCloud Documents enables online, live, collaboration editing of standard documents - you can upload existing documents or create new documents from the ownCloud web interface and edit them inside the browser;
  • a new share API was added - this enables app developers and partners to externally access all ownCloud sharing functions;
  • the application API was enhanced for easier development of 3rd party apps;
  • a new framework was added which improves management of 3rd party apps and the installation of these apps into ownCloud;
  • Activity feeds: a real-time list of recent activity has been added, allowing users to see what's going on;
  • conflict handling: a new web conflict dialog provides multiple options if you try to upload a file that already exists on the server;
  • Share file notifications: optional emails are sent to users and groups when sharing a file or folder with other users of the system.
Other minor new features include avatars support, previews for various file types in the files app, public gallery sharing, example files and more.

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