Following the European Commission’s abandonment of a angle that would limit the number of days consumers can use their mobile phones abroad after paying added charges, Andrus Ansip, Vice-President of the Digital Single Market in the European Commission, has today appear a revised approach.

The latest draft aims to assure operators from barter abusing their “Roam like at Home” casework by introducing a few safeguards. There will, however, be no limit imposed on the amount of time and data users can action while they’re abroad. They simply have to stay within their account allowance to not incur any added fees.

If an abettor suspects that one of its customers on an all-you-can-eat data plan is taking advantage of the “Roam like at Home” scheme, it will have the ability to take a closer look at their usage patterns. If they aren’t somewhat agnate to the way they use their phone at home, the carrier will be able to apply a small customs to their bill.

The European Commission suggested a best fee of €0.04/min per call, €0.01/SMS and €0.0085/MB.

Recently, account providers have noticed an access in the number of people purchasing SIM cards with a large data cap to use alone while abroad. This latest angle protects operators from being exploited in this way as it gives them the right to charge anyone the above fees if they ascertain a SIM that’s only being used for roaming.

Finally, if a arrangement suspects that its calm charging model is at risk in a specific market, it will be able to briefly opt out of the “Roam like at Home” apparatus and acquaint the same small surcharge. However, it will first have to accommodate affirmation to the European Commission that proves that it’s facing a 18-carat risk.