Apple’s technology could be a tough nut to crack, which is why aegis firm Zerodium is alms a amazing $1.5 actor bounty to anyone who can accommodate a alive zero-day hack for iOS 10.

All you have to do to claim the hefty award is submit a ahead undocumented aegis flaw that enables remote jailbreaking of Apple’s mobile platform.

You don’t even have to worry about being the first to submit your entry: According to Zerodium architect Chaouki Bekrar, the aggregation is accommodating and more than able of alms the same prize to assorted winners.

This isn’t the first time Zerodium has made account with its absurd prizes for hackers. Last year, the accomplishment vendor appear a $1 actor bounty for vulnerabilities found in iOS 9 that was eventually claimed in November.

What makes zero-day hacks so admired is that even the companies that make the software often don’t know about these vulnerabilities. Such exploits are acutely difficult to find, but ultimately not absolutely impossible.

Apple has its own bug bounty program, but the prizes are not nearly as abundant as those offered by Zerodium. On top of that, it’s invite-only, which means you might have to pull some strings to even be acceptable to submit a vulnerability.

Head to Zerodium’s official bounty affairs page for more capacity about the challenge.