Everyone, including us, has been cat-and-mouse for Netflix to add one specific feature: Offline viewing.

It might assuredly be coming. According to sources, he long-awaited accession will arrive for the desktop and mobile applications of its video alive account before the end of the year.

Dan Taitz, COO of mobile video firm Penthera told Light Reading that the aggregation is actively alive on it and advancing to launch it soon, calling it an “open secret in the video alive community.”

It’s a change of mind for the company, after CEO Reed Hastings first said that offline mode was “never going to happen”. Luckily he loosened up beforehand this year noting that he is befitting an open mind about it.

It would be a acceptable move for the aggregation to offer their agreeable offline — I would sure love some binge watching of my admired series during a flight or when I’m abroad.

I wouldn’t be afraid if offline examination would only be accessible for Netflix Originals. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because that includes hit series like Narcos and Stranger Things.

It would also be a big blow in the fight adjoin piracy. One of the affidavit agreeable is captivated illegally because it’s not accessible whenever and wherever people want it to be — when that changes, a legal another aback becomes an absorbing option.