In the midst of a PR nightmare, Samsung apparently isn’t seeing much humor in a Grand Theft Auto mod that turns its recalled Note 7 into a weapon of mass destruction. Is this art assuming life, or life assuming art? I can never remember.

Video of the mod first appeared two weeks ago, and today it’s a blow of the alarming DMCA notice.

Samsung might not be done, either. It seems the aggregation is misusing the DMCA tool to target other videos featuring the damaging mobile device. In what acutely constitutes bamboozle and abuse of the DMCA tool, Samsung seems intent on removing any such video from the internet.


What Samsung doesn’t appear to accept is that parody charcoal adequate from this type of absorb claim, and the aboriginal Note-as-bomb mod is clearly biting the company, not attempting to profit from its bookish property.

For now, the aggregation is making advance as assorted videos featuring the mod have been pulled from YouTube. It’s cryptic whether the creators have filed an appeal, and what might arise moving forward.