While Samsung has brash barter to stay away from their Galaxy Note 7, some are still hung on using the device even though it’s like a active time bomb.

After a global recall, an aerodynamics ban, capping its array life and the best Halloween apparel ever, the aggregation is now trying to keep people from using their accessories by making them a lot more annoying to use. From November 18, New Zealand barter won’t be able to affix to any of the country’s mobile networks anymore.

Even though the phones will be blacklisted from using its cellular connection, they will still be able to be used offline or on Wi-Fi.

According to the country’s Telecommunications Forum Chief, most of the accessories have already been replaced, but a few hundred are still in use, posing cogent danger to its users.

There’s no adumbration a agnate block will happen in other countries, but don’t be afraid if Samsung keeps trying to stop you from using your Note 7. I mean, you really should have alternate it already.