Samsung has been struggling to collect all alien units from its recently discontinued Galaxy Note 7 lineup, but it turns out the phone-maker might’ve been abandoning the wrong accessories all along.

Yesterday, Redditor Dominicedcel shared a screenshot of a safety warning he received from Samsung, kindly bidding him to turn off his Note 7 and “surrender” the device to one of the designated stores or carriers.

While that’s hardly surprising given the South Korean giant has been active appropriate barter programs for some time now, there’s one botheration – Dominicedcel owns a three-year-old Note 4.

The abashing is only partially Samsung’s fault though. Unlike your accustomed Android user, Dominicedcel has opted to flash the Note 7 ROM onto his older Note 4 device – a tweak that only a tiny atom of smartphone enthusiasts is able of performing.

To give you the gist of it, ‘flashing’ refers to the process of swapping out the factory-set adaptation of Android on your phone with other custom-built variants of the operating system.

Although this is accepted convenance in committed developer communities and internet forums, it turns out that porting the Note 7 ROM to older Galaxy phones is tricking Samsung into alleviative them as actual Note 7 devices – and this might be a cause for affair for a number of reasons.

Flashing Note 7 ROM on older Galaxy smartphones is not only making it more difficult for Samsung to analyze and locate accurately chancy units, but also interfering with the use of altogether safe devices.

While swapping out the factory-set Android adaptation on your phone with the newer ROM won’t cause your smartphone spontaneously combust, Samsung afresh began accidentally blocking recalled Note 7 units from abutting to mobile networks.

There’s also been abundant letters that Samsung has been banishment software updates to anticipate afflicted accessories from charging past the 60 percent mark of array life.

If Samsung is able to send notifications urging owners to return older Galaxy phones active Note 7 ROM, it’s plausible the phonemaker can also accomplish other measures to argue barter to barter their “faulty” smartphones. At this point this is merely a belief – but absolutely one well within the realms of possibility.

So unless you’re accommodating to risk accepting your cellular connectivity belted or your array accommodation capped, we acerb advise adjoin porting the Note 7 ROM to your older Galaxy phone – at least for the time being.

We’ve contacted Samsung for added animadversion and will update this piece appropriately if we hear back.