Microsoft’s Authenticator app is saving admired abnormal by bypassing passwords for phone-based logins. According to Microsoft, ” the action is easier than accepted two-step analysis and decidedly more secure than only a password.”

In a blog post today, the aggregation enabled a new phone sign-in affection that allows users to skip entering a countersign for annihilation that uses a Microsoft account. The affection works a lot like Google’s sign-in prompt and uses a mobile app (Android, iOS, Windows Phone) to affirm your identity. Once you’ve set up your annual within the app, just enable phone sign-in through the settings menu and log in on your desktop using your mobile device. After you accept a notification on your phone to accept the login, just click approve, and you’re in.


You’ll still have to enter your username, so the time saved is negligible at best. But with passwords appearing more dated by the day, any move that gets us a step closer to killing them absolutely is one worth making, at least in my opinion.

And if you end up hating it — or lose access to your mobile device — you can always switch back to the acceptable password.

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