Tencent is set to roll out across-the-board changes to how it deals with adolescent gamers. According to , Tencent will soon bind online play time for youth in China, finer attached those accouchement to under one hour of play time per day.

First implemented in September, the analysis scheme flagged gamers adolescent than 12 on a accepted mobile game, “Honor of Kings.” The game had become so accepted among China‘s youth, it led to many acceptance absence homework, or sometimes sleep, to play more often — Fortnite, anyone?

Now, those same acceptance will be bound to an hour each day of online play time. Players 13 to 18 years old can play for up to two hours a day. Both groups are barred from arena the game amid 9pm and 8am, according to a Tencent spokesperson.

“Minor aegis is an important task that the whole association pays close absorption to,” a aggregation adumbrative told WSJ. “[Tencent] has a high degree of albatross and obligation.”

To verify identities, the aggregation plans to crave government identification be uploaded to its servers for any absolute account, and all new ones. It’ll then check those identities adjoin government databases, including those from law administration agencies.

In China, this could amount to hundreds of millions of checks. The country, according to a 2018 report from market analysis firm Niko Partners, could exceed one billion gamers and $42 billion in acquirement by 2022 — up from 604 actor gamers currently.

By the end of the year, the system will be in place for 10 mobile games, Tencent says. It plans to expand the system to all titles in 2019.

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