A new hub has been opened in Kigali, Rwanda which aims to assist the country’s small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as startups, to market and sell to Chinese consumers among many of its benefits.

This comes after Rwanda became the first Afrikan country to be accepted to the Electronic World Trade Platform (eWTP).

The eWTP is the abstraction of Alibaba Group architect and controlling chairman, Jack Ma. In 2016 Ma proposed the abstraction of eWTP in the Boao Asian Forum for the first time. Ma explained:

I am captivated Rwanda is the first eWTP accomplice in Afrika, and I look advanced to the development of an avant-garde agenda abridgement here. Entrepreneurs in Rwanda, and abroad in Africa, are ready to seize the opportunities offered by the agenda economy.

It is up to all of us to help them succeed. People ask me, ‘Why Rwanda? There are so many countries in Afrika,’ When I first came to Rwanda, I was abashed by its adeptness to embrace change. If every country was like Rwanda, think how able Africa could be. My answer is, ‘Why not Rwanda?


Supporting Afrika’s agenda startups

Since Ma’s first visit to Afrika in 2017, the e-commerce giant he founded has launched several initiatives across the abstemious to support digital startups.

During his first visit to Afrika which saw him go to Kenya and Rwanda, Ma appear he will be creating a $10 actor African Young Entrepreneurs Fund.

This was followed by an Alibaba and UNCTAD affiliation to annually train Afrika’s young e-commerce startups.

Added to that, in 2018 Ma appear the Netpreneurs Prize for Africa during his first visit to South Africa as well as e-commerce “train the trainer” programme in Rwanda.

“Rwandan producers will be able to sell anon to a much larger set of barter than before, while bypassing costly intermediaries. This improves abundance and profitability.

There really are no downsides to doing business on a global scale,” said President Paul Kagame on the launch of eWTP in Rwanda.


Startups in Rwanda will accept abutment in the form of operational infrastructure, such as business logistics, cloud computing, mobile payments and skills training as part of their accord in the eWTP hub in Kigali.

China in Afrika

Many have criticized China’s accepted modus operandi for doing business in Afrika. In some cases, the Chinese government or Chinese organizations that come to Afrikan countries alms basement development loans which have been said to come accompanied by severe terms and altitude should the country fail to make repayments.

However, in the case of Alibaba it’s auspicious to attestant a Chinese alignment committed not only in banking investments in Afrika, but training its youth and agenda startups in alertness for the future.

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