CES, the annual appointment event showcasing the latest cutting-edge tech has an ugly acceptability of gender bias, sexism, and double standards — analogously to the tech industry as a whole. This week, CES’s male orientated acceptability became audibly accessible after a sex toy had its award revoked by the CTA (Consumer Technology Association) for being “immoral, obscene, indecent, profane, or not in befitting with CTA’s image.”

Not only did Lora Dicarlo create a high tech female sex toy, it’s also rooted in sex positivity, inclusion, and arrest female female taboos — article that CES should be promoting, not excluding. But, this isn’t the first time CES showed its true colors.

CES hasn’t abstruse from its (obvious) mistakes

CES and the CTA has a acceptability for not only being male dominated, but also shaping the future, but it appears that future is mainly advised for men, by men. With the lack of female-focused articles featured at CES and the exclusion of female founders and keynote speakers, there’s accessible issues with diversity.

According to analysis by Lora Dicarlo, only 1 out of 100 CES Best of Innovation Award winners were female founded.

It seems that CES and the CTA administering has altered rules for companies and articles with a about female customer. At antecedent CES events, men’s sexual-health articles have been featured such as sex robots in the shape of an unrealistically shaped women in 2018 and VR porn sessions which male attendees can make use of in public every year.


At antecedent CES events”booth babes” were a staple and were used to float around in high heels and bikinis handing out freebies while giving a perky and well-rehearsed account of how a VPN works — article women have been hired to do at CES since the 1960s, at a time when they called “CES guides.”

There are plenty of things wrong with “booth babes” abnormally at tech events about bedeviled by men. Imagine been a woman in tech abyssal a space where women are underrepresented, but when they are represented, they’re being objectified?

Tech conferences are alarming enough for young able women — since it’s a complete sausage fest. However, Gary Shapiro, the CEO of CTA, dedicated the use of “booth babes” by claiming it didn’t create a hostile environment for women at CES. Amidst altercation over “booth babes,” it wasn’t to everybody’s favor that the use of booth babes shouldn’t be used at all, just at least acquaint booth boys.

At CES, and many other tech conferences, woman are more likely to be objectified than represented. The Daily Dot appear in 2015 that CES still doesn’t care about women after an attendee saw only one female apostle in the six plus hours of press events she abounding over 36 hours — and she spoke for less than two minutes.

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