Mozilla last month hinted at introducing paid appearance in its Firefox browser, and it’s now spelling out its plans more clearly.

The not-for-profit alignment has appear it’s exploring a bunch of “alternative allotment models for the web.” To that effect, it said it has started testing an ad-free news cable artefact for $5 per month in accord with Scroll, a news cable startup.

The account is accepted to offer ad-free browsing, audio versions of news articles, and cross-platform syncing of news belief from assorted websites.

Scroll currently has an ad-free news cable in accord with 12 media partners, including Slate, The Atlantic, BuzzFeed, Gizmodo, USA Today, and Vox. It’s worth noting that many of these accomplice news sites don’t currently have paywalls, but do affectation ads on their pages.

“We’ve turned our absorption toward award a more acceptable ecosystem antithesis for publishers and users alike,” wrote Firefox artefact lead Peter Dolanjski in a blog post.

Mozilla is testing these new appearance with random groups of browser users as a means to gauge interest. The capacity are a bit fuzzy, and it’s not anon clear how the cable acquirement will be split amid publishers, Mozilla, and Scroll.


The aggregation ahead accustomed that its anti-tracking action bare value from publishers who rely on ads for revenue, while affirmation the need for a assisting acquirement ecosystem on the web in order to create, foster and abutment innovation.

Mozilla, however, is not the first aggregation to offer an à la carte news account for a price. Apple News Plus, appear by the iPhone maker beforehand this year, gives users access to a wide range of magazines, agenda publications, and newspapers for $10 a month. But acknowledgment to the account has been blood-warm at best.

Separately, the Firefox owner also appears to be basic a VPN account called “Firefox Private Network” for $5 a month.

The artefact isn’t clearly accessible yet, but it’s soliciting user feedback, in accession to affliction a discounted cable bundle absolute of “Firefox Private Network and Firefox Mobile Privacy Suite for one device for $8.99.”

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