Germany‘s new ‘security catalog’ — which is expected to be appear later this week — will not exclude Huawei from bartering accessories for the country’s 5G mobile networks, Reuters reports.

The US blacklisted Huawei back in May over its declared ties with the Chinese government and imposed export sanctions on the company’s products. The US then pressured Germany to do they same by excluding Huawei from an bargain on accouterment the country with gear for its 5G basement — but the new aegis rule book shows Germany has no ambition on caving.

“Germany’s access did not and does not apprehend any clause that would exclude any one company,” a senior government official told Reuters, under anonymity.

This confirms Angela Merkel’s stance from beforehand this year where she said Germany wouldn’t single out alone vendors while toughening the aegis of the country’s mobile networks.


The new aegis archive will detail higher abstruse and aegis standards which operators would need to adhere to. This is still a win for operators — many of whom are already Huawei barter — as they had warned that the ban on Huawei articles could delay 5G acceptance in Germany by years and cost billions of dollars.

Huawei is still viewed suspiciously

The US accuses Huawei of being in amalgamation with the Chinese government and argues that the company’s gear might affection ‘back doors,’ which China could use to spy on other countries.

Although Germany and some of its European counterparts haven’t gone as far as the US, it doesn’t mean countries don’t share the same apropos on this side of the world. In fact, last week, the EU member states appear a joint risk appraisal report, which warned of added aegis risks associated with the accomplishing of 5G.

The report doesn’t acknowledgment Huawei directly, but states that new approaches to accepting telecom basement are needed and mentions aegis challenges posed by “non-EU state or state-backed actors.”

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