Microsoft is sending out invites to users who sign up for the Project xCloud preview. After months of waiting, Microsoft‘s entry in the cloud gaming race is ready to show itself — albeit to a group of users in specific test regions.

Those arrive to partake of the examination will be able to play a few Microsoft games, such as , , and , on their mobile devices. As the moniker “cloud gaming” suggests, you don’t have to download the titles, but simply stream them from Microsoft‘s servers. Early letters from Reddit users claim the examination works fairly well, with some delay amid input and action.

At the moment, the examination is only accessible to gamers in the US, UK, and South Korea. According to the xCloud FAQ: “It will be a multi-year adventure to bear this technology to gamers around the world at the affection we want to meet, so we will be adding more bounded availability as we learn more and create a great game alive experience.”

xCloud’s primary rival, Stadia, launches next month, so it’s apparently a good moment for Microsoft to remind anybody about xCloud’s existence. While Google’s been talking a good game about what Stadia is able of in the lead-up to its launch, it’s yet to allow users to really test it, and at launch the only people who’ll be able to do so are those accommodating to shell out for the $129 Founder’s Edition. A free examination from Microsoft is just a better look by allegory — albeit one that only a few people will be able to take advantage of.

The other abeyant competition, PlayStation Now — which doesn’t work with mobile accessories but which has the honor of being the first about accessible cloud gaming account — has afresh alone in price. The cloud gaming wars feel closer than ever, and it’s good to see at least one of the two accessible casework is assuming potential. Now the catechism charcoal to be seen: will it be able to hold up to analysis once it rolls out to a wider audience?

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