Apple is currently suing a former agent for breach of arrangement and for poaching several advisers for his own startup. The former employee, meanwhile, claims the company’s main affirmation was acquired by ecology his texts.

The lawsuit, which Apple filed in a California court, alleges that Gerard Williams III breached an bookish acreage acceding that banned him from doing annihilation to attempt with the company. Williams, aforetime the top artist of Apple‘s mobile chips, started Nuvia in February, which articles chips for data centers.

It sounds like a dry case, but the juicy account the two parties are painting makes me want to grab some airheaded and watch. Nuvia’s two other leaders, Manu Gulati and John Bruno, are also Apple alumni. In accession to adulation advisers to leave Apple while still under its employ, Apple also claims that Williams based Nuvia’s chips on work he’d done for the Cupertino company:

This case involves a worst-case book for an avant-garde aggregation like Apple: A trusted senior administrator with years of experience, and years of access to Apple’s most admired information, secretly starts a aggressive aggregation leveraging the very technology the administrator was alive on, and the same teams he was alive with, while still active by Apple.

Williams’ little legal turnabout, in this case, is that Apple illegally calm text letters sent amid him and Nuvia’s co-founders while architecture their case. In his countersuit, his legal team writes:

To added alarm any accepted Apple agent who might dare accede abrogation Apple, Apple’s complaint shows that it is ecology and analytical its employees’ phone annal and text messages, in a beauteous and annoying aggression of privacy.

One part of the complaint from Apple — which has allegedly flirted with the idea of designing servers — is that Williams used his insider knowledge of the company’s intentions. He built Nuvia accurately to be article Apple would need — which he does say in one of the acquired text messages.

Whether or not Apple acquired these letters anon from Williams’ phone or some kind of backup they had stored, I would not be the aboriginal bit afraid if the aggregation was ecology its employees. Leaks are still a thing that happens, after all.

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