Did you know Python is known as an all-rounder programming language? Yes, it is, though it shouldn’t be used on every single project, You can use it to create desktop applications, games, mobile apps, websites, and system software. It’s even the most acceptable accent for the accomplishing of bogus intelligence and apparatus learning algorithms.

So, I spent the last few weeks collecting unique action ideas for any Python developer. These action ideas will hopefully bring back your absorption in this amazing language. The best part is you can enhance your Python programming skills with these fun but arduous projects.

Let’s have a look at them one-by-one:

Create a software GUI using voice commands

These days, massive advance has been made in the field of desktop appliance development. You will see many drag & drop GUI builders and speech acceptance libraries. So, why not join them calm and create a user interface by talking with the computer?

This is purely a new abstraction and after some research, I found that no one has ever attempted to do it. So, it might be a little bit more arduous than the ones mentioned below.

Here are some instructions to get started on this action using Python. First of all, you need these packages:-

  • Speech Acceptance Library
  • PAGE – Drag & Drop GUI Builder
    • Documentation
    • Video of how PAGE works
    • Create Login Window Using PAGE

Now, the idea is to hardcode some speech commands like:


Since this is going to be a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), it’s completely fine if you have to hardcode many codicillary statements. You get the point, right? It’s very simple and aboveboard to add more commands like these.

After ambience up some basic commands, it’s time to test the code. For now, you can try to build a very basic login form in a window.

The major adaptability of this idea is it can be implemented for game development, websites, and mobile apps. Even in altered programming languages.

AI action bot

Betting is an action where people adumbrate an aftereffect and if they’re right then they accept a reward in return. Simple, right? Now, there are many abstruse advances that happened in bogus intelligence or apparatus acquirements in the past few years.

For example, you might have heard about programs like AlphaGo Master , AlphaGo Zero , and AlphaZero that can play Go (game) better than any able human player. You can even get the source code of a agnate affairs called Leela Zero.

The point I want to convey is that AI is accepting smarter than us. Meaning it can adumbrate article better by taking into annual all the possibilities and learn from past experiences.

Let’s apply some supervised acquirements concepts in Python to create an AI Action Bot. Here are some libraries you need to get started:

  • pandas – Data Analysis
  • NumPy – Multi-dimensional arrays, matrices, and algebraic functions
  • scikit-learn – Apparatus Learning
  • XGBoost – Gradient Boosting
  • Matplotlib – Plotting
  • seaborn – Statistical Data Visualization
  • pickle – Python Object Serialization

To begin, you need to select a game (e.g. tennis, football, etc.) for admiration the results. Now, search for actual match after-effects data that can be used to train the model.

For example, the data of tennis matches can be downloaded in .csv format from the tennis-data.co.uk website .

In case you’re not accustomed with betting, here’s how it works.

  • You want to bet $10 on Roger Federer with an odd of 1.3.
    • If he wins, you will accept $10 (actual amount), plus $3 (profit).
    • If he loses, you will lose your money (e.g. $10) too.

After training the model, we have to compute the Confidence Level for each prediction, find out the achievement of our bot by blockage how many times the anticipation was right, and assuredly keep an eye on Return On Investment (ROI).

Download a agnate open-source AI Action Bot Project by Edouard Thomas.

A trading Bot


A trading bot is very agnate to the antecedent action because it also requires AI for prediction. Now the catechism is whether an AI can accurately adumbrate the aberration of stock prices? And, the answer is Yes.

Before accepting started, we need some data to advance a trading bot:

  • Yahoo! Finance – to get stock data
  • Alpha Vantage – Real-time API for banking data

These assets from Investopedia might help in training the bot:1

  • Trading Strategies for Beginners
  • Only Make a Trade If It Passes This 5-Step Test

After account both of these articles, you will now have a better compassionate of when to buy stocks and when not to. This ability can easily be adapted into a Python affairs that automatically makes the accommodation for us.

You can also take advertence from this open-source trading bot called freqtrade . It is built using Python and accouterments several apparatus acquirements algorithms.

Iron Man Jarvis (an AI based basic assistant)

This idea is taken from the Hollywood movie series . The movie revolves around technology, robots, and AI.

Here, the has built a basic abettor for himself using bogus intelligence. The affairs is known as Jarvis that helps in accustomed tasks.

gives instructions to Jarvis using simple English accent and Jarvis responds in English too. It means that our affairs will need speech acceptance as well as text-to-speech functionalities.

I would acclaim using these libraries:

  • Speech Recognition
  • Text to Speech (TTS)

For now, you can hardcode the speech commands like:


Once you set an alarm on mobile, you can also use Jarvis for tons of other tasks like:

  • Continuously check the home aegis camera and inform in case addition is cat-and-mouse outside. You can add more appearance like face apprehension and recognition. It helps you find out who or how many people are there.
  • Open/Close room windows.
  • Turn on/off lights.
  • Automatically acknowledge to emails.
  • Schedule tasks.

Even Mark Zuckerberg has built a Jarvis as a side-project.

Monitor a website to get abreast about an accessible concert or artist

Songkick is a very accepted account that provides advice about accessible concerts. Its API can be used to search for accessible concerts by:

  • Artist
  • Location
  • Venue
  • Date and time

You can create a Python script that keeps blockage a specific concert daily using Songkick’s API. With all this set up, you can send an email to yourself whenever the concert is available.

Sometimes Songkick even displays a ‘buy tickets’ link on their website. But, this link could go to a altered website for altered concerts. It means it’s very difficult to automatically acquirement tickets even if we make use of web scraping.

Instead, we can simply affectation the ‘buy tickets’ link as it’s in our appliance for manual action.

Automatically renew free ‘Let’s Encrypt’ SSL certificates

Let’s Encrypt is a affidavit ascendancy that offers free SSL certificates. But, the issue is this affidavit is only valid for 90 days. After 90 days, you have to renew it.

In my opinion, this is a great book for automation using Python. We can write some code that automatically renews a website SSL affidavit before expiring.

Check out this code on GitHub for inspiration.

Recognize people in a crowd


These days, governments have installed surveillance cameras in public places to access the aegis of their citizens. Most of these cameras are merely to record video and then the argumentative experts have to manually admit or trace the individual.

What if we create a Python affairs that recognizes each person in camera in real-time. First of all, we need access to a civic ID card database, which we apparently don’t have, obviously.

So, an easy option is to create a database with your family members’ records.

You can then use a Face Recognition library and affix it with the output of the camera.

Contact tracing

Contact Archetype is a way to assay all those that have come into acquaintance with each other during a specific time period. It’s mostly useful in a communicable like COVID-19 because after any data about who is infected, we can’t stop its spread.

Python can be used with a apparatus acquirements algorithm called DBSCAN (Density-Based Spatial Clustering of Applications with Noise) for acquaintance tracing.

As this is just a side-project, so we don’t have access to any official data. For now, it’s better to accomplish some astute test data using Mockaroo .

You may have a look at this article for specific code implementation.

Automatically move files from one folder to another


This is a very basic Python affairs that keeps ecology a folder. Whenever a file is added in that folder it checks its type and moves it to a specific folder accordingly.

For example, we can track our downloads folder. Now, when a new file is downloaded, then it will automatically be moved in addition folder according to its type.

.exe files are most apparently software setups, so move them inside the “software” folder. Whereas, moving images (png, jpg, gif) inside the “images” folder.

This way we can adapt altered types of files for quick access.

Gather career path videos From YouTube

Create an appliance that accepts the names of skills that we need to learn for a career.

For example, to become a web developer, we need to learn:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • Backend accent (PHP, Node.js, Python, ASP.NET, or Java)
  • Bootstrap 4
  • WordPress
  • Backend Framework (Laravel, Codeigniter, Django, Flask, etc.)

After entering the skills, there will be a “Generate Career Path” button. It instructs our affairs to search YouTube and select accordant videos/playlists according to each skill. In case there are many agnate videos for skill then it will select the one with the most views, comments and likes.

The affairs then groups these videos according to skills and affectation their thumbnail, title, and link in the GUI. It will also assay the continuance of each video, accumulated them, and then inform us about how much time it will take to learn this career path. Now, as a user, we can watch these videos which are ordered in a step by step manner to become a master in this career.

Challenging yourself with unique programming projects keeps you active, enhance your skills, and helps you analyze new possibilities. Some of the action ideas I mentioned above can also be used as your Final Year Project. It’s time to show your adroitness with Python programming accent and turn these ideas into article you’re proud of.

This article was originally appear on Live Code Stream by Juan Cruz Martinez (twitter: @bajcmartinez), architect and administrator of Live Code Stream, entrepreneur, developer, author, speaker, and doer of things.

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