If you’re a developer, there’s no doubt you’ve heard of Huawei’s annual Developer Appointment (HDC). This year’s HDC2020 saw the accession of some cool new accessories for consumers but also some acid edge software updates that we’re sure devs will be pretty aflame about.

But, in case you missed the conference, we’ve got you covered. Here we’ll give you a quick briefing of the key software highlights and take-aways. If you want to know more about the new accouterments announcements, check out this article.  

But first, here’s a quick recap video of aggregate you need to know about Huawei’s new software offering:

HarmonyOS 2.0

Huawei’s open source microkernel-based operating system just got an advancement which will have you jumping for joy. This new adaptation is made with a UX adaptive framework, acceptation you can build your app on one belvedere and seamlessly scale it across other accessories from smartphone to laptop to tablet to smart tv, etc. 

Three of the key new updates include:

Distributed basic bus – This allows you to automatically pool assorted accessories calm and, along with its mesh arrangement capability, create a smooth, lag-free cross-device experience. And the stats seem to be pretty promising. According to the company, this ecosystem provides a low 10 ms cessation and under 30 percent anti packet loss rate.  

Distributed data administration – All of this interconnectivity is authentic by its hyper-fast inter accouterments data alteration and data administration capability. At HDC it was appear that HarmonyOS 2.0 will have a 2.4 GBPs data manual and a search speed which is 1.2 times faster than iOS core spotlight system. 

Distributed aegis – At the same time, this new adaptation has stepped up its aegis game, with one of the coolest updates being an AI-based apprehension system to root out abeyant cyberattacks. 

The final debut of HarmonyOS 2.0 will come out in 2021 but you can already get your hands on the beta adaptation for Smart TVs, Smartwatches, and head units. The beta for smartphones is set to come out this December.


In case you’re not accustomed with it, EMUI is the user interface for Huawei accessories and this year it got some pretty cool new updates for adaptation 11. 

We use our smartphone for aggregate these days, but what slows us down is that we can only use one appliance at a time… until now. 

One of the best new updates coming to adaptation 11 is the adeptness to use assorted apps at once, just like on your laptop or tablet. This multiwindow action sits on the right edge of your screen. By borer one of the apps, you’ll get a amphibian window which you can shift and resize. This makes it easier to multitask. 

We talked more about Huawei Share in our commodity discussing Huawei’s new accouterments updates. This action allows you to affix your Huawei phone and laptop with one simple tap. Once connected, a basic adaptation of your smartphone screen will appear on your laptop acceptance you to use apps, drag, and drop files, etc. 

With the adapted EMUI 11, you can now open more of your phone’s applications on your laptop at the same time. For example, you could be coursing through your vacation photos and administration them on your admired messaging system, all while using your laptop’s camera to chat with your best friend. 

EMUI 11 also has some cool new updates to its UI including an ‘Always on display’ which appearance a neat color catcher, acceptance you to match the phone’s color palette to your clothes or a admired photo, etc. This new look also includes haptic feedback, new sounds, and animation.

HMS Ecosystem

Huawei has been on a mission to advance its HMS mobile casework ecosystem into a strong adversary and another to market administrator Google Mobile Services. And it’s made some pretty cogent advance in its short lifespan. HMS is now the third-largest ecosystem in the world. After just one year, it’s admiring 1.8 actor developers who are currently using the system.

What’s behind this fast growth?

The aggregation has focused on bringing more developers on board by accretion its account offerings on the AppGallery and ambience up bounded abutment centers to help local developers attain a more global reach. 

This includes the new HMS Go Global Ecosystem Alliance which aims to accommodate abutment to Chinese developers who want to launch their apps in the global market by acceptable in three of the better challenges they face: artefact localization, local compliance, and local promotion. 

The AppGallery now has 490 actor active users across 170 countries and regions. In the first half of 2020 there were 261 billion app downloads. So far 96,000 apps have been chip with HMS core. It’s also admiring some big names like TomTom, Bolt, and Kumu, which have already launched some acknowledged articles and casework within the ecosystem. 

And this year, the aggregation appear some absorbing new updates to abide alluring more developers and users including:

  • Camera kit – acceptance you to accommodate image processing into apps
  • Location kit – convalescent people and device positioning
  • Share kit – which facilitates file transfers amid devices
  • Cast kit – streamlining interactions amid phones and TVs
  • Wireless kit – to optimize wireless communication
  • HiCar – an in-car smart alternation system which allows you to create affiliated automotive apps

But just how can developers and companies across altered industries use these updates to scale up their offering? During HDC 2020 three tech sessions on ecommerce, travel, and gaming accent some of the ways you can use these updates to allure new users, make your casework faster and more efficient, and beat the competition. 

Let’s have a look:


The recent lockdown acquaintance has sped up the acceptance of AI and VR tech within the ecommerce industry. There are three areas where HMS core is allowance companies to accommodate this tech.

  • Precision marketing

This allows for real-time push notifications in a array of formats. For example, it can be used to send promotions and coupons to shoppers or to remind them when they’ve abandoned to acquirement items in their arcade cart. Location-specific appearance allow you to send specific coupons that shoppers can use at a nearby store.

  • Intelligent shopping

One cool new affection is automatic text translation. This can be used, for example, to construe reviews into a shopper’s native language.

Updated search capabilities allow consumers to search using images or voice, instead of having to type in search queries. Online arcade belvedere Banggood used this to create a apparatus acquirements tool that allows shoppers to simply take a photo of a artefact they see. The tool then automatically searches for the artefact on the belvedere acceptance barter to easily analyze prices. 

  • Visual experience

With ‘AR Try before you buy’, you can create AR adventures that allow your barter to: see how your appliance would fit in their apartment, test out altered shades of makeup, or try on accouterment virtually, allowance advance the arcade from home experience.

AR Live arcade allows you to show live artefact details. For example, you could create an exploded view of your product, acceptance barter to analyze the fine details. 

HMS core’s smartphone-based live alive adequacy is easy to use and set up – acceptation you won’t need a camera crew. You can also avoid freeze frames and buffering by using pre-cache videos or adapting to lower bitrate availability.

Finally, if you don’t want to spend the time and assets architecture an app, Quickapp allows you to wrap your web-based store into an app that looks and functions just like a native app.


There’s also some absorbing new appearance for aeronautics and travel apps including:

Super GPS accession and real-time area tracking, which allow you to make taxi accession more authentic so taxis and cartage can find each other more easily.

For all-embracing travelers, real-time accent adaptation can help break down advice barriers amid drivers and passengers. 

Finally, situational and acclimate acquaintance capabilities alert drivers to abeyant disruptions, acceptance them to pick the best routes. 


Huawei is aiming to allure more gaming companies and even individuals who create their own games with its unique AppGallery offering. For many years now Apple and Google’s app stores have bedeviled the market. Huawei aims to heat up the antagonism by alms more developer abutment and alive options. Some allowances include:

  • More acquirement share for developers
  • Smart agreeable personalization
  • Support from Huawei’s developer fund
  • New incentives for developers using the platform

It’s new software and accouterments offerings are key to making this belvedere more adorable to gamers. For example, the company’s move appear seamless affiliation will make it easier for developers to create mobile games that can then be used on assorted devices. 

One of Huawei’s partners, GameLoft, approved how they could use HMS Core’s new Cast Engine to enable users to cast a racing game onto a smart TV and use their phone as a controller. This multi-device affiliation could make for some pretty cool new developments in gaming. Plus, the aggregation claims this account will accommodate 70% better alive cessation than its competitors. 

This commodity is brought to you by Huawei.