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One of the better tech belief of 2016 amidst the case of the San Bernardino shooter, in which the FBI sought Apple’s help to unlock the attacker’s iPhone by creating a backdoor into the company’s mobile OS last spring. And while the furore over that adventure has died down since, we still haven’t accomplished a resolution as to whether we have the right to keep our agenda secrets under any circumstances.

Earlier today I read a great piece in ArsTechnica about Microsoft’s annual actor meeting, where many in appearance bidding their belief to CEO Satya Nadella that Microsoft had finer ceded ascendancy of the smartphone market to Apple and Google, and had ceased to be a austere competitor.

Microsoft was in the news for all the right affidavit throughout 2016. It beat expectations and made a ton of money in FY16, racked up more than 400 actor Windows 10 installs by the end of September, launched a rival to Slack and even a affairs to create bargain VR headsets.