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Did you know Python is known as an all-rounder programming language? Yes, it is, though it shouldn’t be used on every single project, You can use it to create desktop applications, games, mobile apps, websites, and system software. It’s even the most acceptable accent for the accomplishing of bogus intelligence and apparatus learning algorithms.

It’s official – Wolt, the Helsinki-based technology aggregation that’s known for its food commitment platform, has clinched the title of 2020’s “most able startup” from all of Europe in the 7th copy of the Tech5 startup competition. TIER took second place, while Cowboy came in third. The winners were chosen by a panel of investors, influencers, and experts, who judged the entrants based on notable advance rounds, social impact, team growth and media buzz.

We’re now just one day away from Huawei’s annual developer conference, HDC 2020. Aside from the usual developer fare — including blemish sessions in fintech, gaming, ecommerce, and travel & aeronautics — we’re assured a scattering of accouterments announcements, as well as the latest developments on HMS Core 5.0, HarmonyOS, and EMUI 11. HDC will take place from September 10-12 at Huawei HQ in Shenzhen, China, and you can watch the official live streams on the HDC page here.

With the demand for tech skills continuously growing across the board, there’s no curtailment of new domains where software developers can look for new careers. Perhaps one of the most agitative — and analytical — industries where developers can look to expand their horizons is the healthcare sector. The coronavirus communicable has put austere strain on medical and healthcare infrastructures across the globe and has shown us just how much space there is for addition in the field.

Over the last few months, the COVID-19 communicable has thrown the world into an aberrant situation. It even gave birth to new concepts such as social-distancing and prioritized technologies like cloud, internet of things (IoT) services, and bogus intelligence. Likewise, IoT and the internet of medical things (IoMT) have witnessed a number of avant-garde revolutions to abode the coronavirus crisis. These technologies in healthcare and retail may have a abiding impact in the accessible future.