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It was going to be the deal that would Microsoft’s applicable place as a mobile superpower. This time five years ago, Microsoft bought Nokia’s mobile business (and a meaty patent portfolio to boot) for a cool $7.6 billion. A steal, when you accede the Finnish icon once controlled 41 percent of the global handset market.

The first ever Hajj Hackathon assuredly assured August 3rd with a prize commemoration after three days of activities.

The event brought almost 3,000 makers from all around the world who created altered articles to advance the acquaintance of pilgrims. In the process, the event broke the Guinness World Record to become the largest hackathon in the world.

The finalists had a chance to pitch their articles in front of a jury panel and answers their questions. The panel included Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak, TechCrunch’s Mike Butcher, RiseUp’s Abdelhameed Sharara, and some other local and all-embracing experts.