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Over the past decade, technology has adapted the way we live.  The actualization and advance of claimed devices, data capture, networks and the cloud, deep acquirements , and Internet of Things (IoT)—amongst other things—has afflicted our world.  Its impact is everywhere, including in the way we bear treatments to patients through agenda healthcare and therapeutics.

The past few months have taught us an important lesson: We’re bad at administration highly catching diseases. The Earth’s growing citizenry and the ease with which we can travel long distances have contributed to the fast spread of the novel coronavirus to more than 200 countries.

We all know the feeling, you’re chatting with your friend or even your boss over the internet and you arrest them awkwardly. A blackout ensues as you both try to let each other talk. Then you arrest each other again and face addition awkward blackout before buzz collectively at the abortion of modern technology to make our modern lives as modern as we want them to be.