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It’s embarrassing, but astrophysicists are the first to admit it. Our best abstract model can only explain 5 percent of the universe. The actual 95 percent is abundantly made up almost absolutely of invisible, alien actual dubbed dark energy, and dark matter. So even though there are a billion abundance stars in the appreciable universe, they are absolutely acutely rare.

After losing the title of the most admired aggregation of the world to Microsoft, Apple is attractive to expand its arrangement of offices. The iPhone maker said that it’ll invest $1 billion to open a campus in Austin, Texas. Additionally, it’ll set up new offices in Seattle, San Diego, and the Los Angeles area. 

From apropos over blue light to agenda strain and dryness, account today often worry how smartphones and computer screens might be affecting the health of our eyes. But while the technology may be new, this affair absolutely isn’t. Since Victorian times people have been anxious about how new innovations might damage eyesight.