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Now youcan have a contact form on your WebRok Free Website for free and on more, it works on mobile devices. Simply log in to your Free Website and at the bottom of each page, enable the contact form just by clicking on the "activate" button.  Once you have activated the contact form module, your WebRok Free Website has is immediately ready to receive messages from your visitors. Liked complicated? We do not believe that a click is complicated for you! Our goal remains the same, providing easy and Free Websites friendly to our users. If our chat is offline, leave a message and will be contacted by a member of our team as soon as possible.

Thedefault contact form default does not satisfy your needs? Want to add more fields? Easy! The latest extra contact form module is dynamic and customizable:

  1. Add andremove fields;
  2. Change the nameof each field;
  3. Seteach fieldasrequired or not;
  4. Change the orderof the fields;
  5. Change the e-mail address where each message is sent;
  6. Anti-bots system to protect you frompossiblespam;


Please login on your Free Website and activate the WebRok extra we especially created for you and take the most of it, it’s easy and free. If you have any suggestions for a new feature that you would like to see implemented on your WebRok Free Website, just send us an e-mail so we can review and add to our already huge list of features we want and will develop to make WebRok even better.

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