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Some tips for your blog:

Write about what? The importance of choosing a theme

Now that you'vegained courage to move forward with the creation of your blog, you need a topic. Consider the target audience of your blog, this is what will make your blog a success. Stand back and look around, looking for the people around you on the Web? Find a topic that is interesting to your readers and they will follow your blog closely. For example, if your passion is technology and your friends are all technology and gadgets hard consumers, create a blog about technology.

Now that you havea topic in mind, how to create content?

Attention, although your theme is technology for example, that does not mean that on a particular moment you can’t write an article about a plant that you discovered and enjoyed. Your readers love to be surprised and discovering new things. The content is the basis of your blog, and write it very well, try to avoid typos and boring texts, errors occur but don’t make a case, don’t use abbreviate words, your readers will not enjoy that and Google much less. Add illustrative images of what you are writing, graphics, excerpts of texts taken from magazines or websites specialized ​​on that area creating a certain dynamic that will capture readers with more attention.


Thisis a crucial point, you got an interesting theme and the content is good and clear. However nobody reads your articles. This is the point that escapes most blogs because they are too concentrated in the preceding points. Do not neglect the above points but get a little time to publicize your blog. Promoting ablog is not easy, but it's not impossible, talk about your blog to your friends, use social networks to promote your articles, social networks are a good starting point to promote your blog.

The WebRok blog tool

WebRok recently developed this feature due to the request of several users felt that something was missing in our platform. It was with great pleasure that we received the suggestion, so we move immediately to develop a blog system for your free website.

If you haven’t created a WebRok Free Website, go to and start blogging.

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