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Quickoffice, an application for working withMicrosoft Office documents, was acquired by Google in June 2012. The apps on Androidand iOS have helped users on mobile devices gain access to documents, spreadsheets, and presentations without going back to their desktops. It's been more than a year, but Google has finally started making some good changes for Quickoffice.

If you've never had a chance to try Quickoffice on your mobile device, now is the time, as Google has released a free copy on both the Play store and App Store. As a second added perk for trying out Quickoffice for free, Google will give you an extra 10GB of free space on your Drive account if you link the two by September 26. Here's how to hook yourself up:

First you'll need to download a copy of Quickoffice for your mobile device; there are bothAndroid and iOS versions. If you already have a copy of Quickoffice, it might be a good time to ditch it and grab the new one. Google stated on its blog that it has removed the old versions from the Play store and App Store, so this is the best way to ensure that you will get future updates.


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