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There’s also a freshly-introduced ‘What’s New’ section that will act as an auto-updating feed pulled from your various connected streams, whether that’s from SoundCloud, Flickr, Picasa, or any of the other supported sources. Also newly added is the option to integrate your Feedly account and display updates filtered by Popular, Subscriptions, Categories, Tags, Topics, Favorites or Recently Read.

A new Library option now allows you to keep track of all your ‘likes’ from across any of your connected services too, which could prove to be a handy way of keeping track of things if you’re a prolific clicker of the like button. Additionally, items ‘liked’ within Jolicloud will be shown as likes on the respective networks too.

With a slick interface, integration with a range of major services and the ability to access everything from virtually anywhere through the browser (it works best in Chrome/Chrome OS, but should work with other browsers too), JoliCloud’s update is well worth checking out if you’re still seeking an iGoogle replacement or just want a way to keep track of all your cloud services in one place.


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