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“Do you love farm games? Are you a fan of fantasy games? Then Miramagia is the perfect game for you. Come and play as a Sorcerer, Mage, Druid or Shaman and create your own magical farm! A fascinating free fantasy role playing game awaits you - a world full of fantastic plants and bizarre creatures. Be part of our fantastic community and meet new people in your village neighbourhood or town. Play with your family and friends and with their help, make your village the prettiest in Miramagia! Choose how you want to interact with your neighbours. Special spells enable you to give gifts to friendly neighbours, or get rowdy and play a prank on them. Helpful fairies and a little dragon will always be by your side. Join the community and enjoy everything Miramagia has to offer.”

Fantasy online game Miramagia is not one more of those regular farm games, it the promises a new level of user experience and adventures, enter a magical world full of fantastic plants and creatures, and take care of your own farmyard every day online. For the ones who love mythology stories, this game is for you, lear powerful spells and ascend the hierarchy of magicians! Come sun, snow, rain or drought. Whether it's a Tubular Mushroom, Stone Truffle or Snapdragon - everything grows with the help of your magical talent. Choose a dragon and foster and care for your baby dragon until it grows up into a mighty dragon.


Miramagia is a magical realm full of fantastic plants and creatures, Miramagia combines an exciting magical world with the irresistible charm of a gardening simulation.

Miramagia game is also available for Android! With the Miramagia Companion, you won't have to miss out on playing Miramagia when you don't have access to a PC or Mac. You are now always able to use the following functions on-the-go with this application:

• Sowing, harvesting, watering, vapourising and much more.
• spinning the Wheel of Fortune, visiting the Tent of Advanced Magic or the Magical Lottery Booth
• watering the Village Tree
• working as a Village Assistant




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