If you’re abashed by the idea of absolutely announcement your $299 (minimum) smartwatch, this genius has a band-aid — wear two watches, on the same wrist, at the same time. At first glance it seems like an asinine band-aid to a botheration that could be fixed by just allotment a single watch, but as you look deeper you’ll discover: it’s still an asinine band-aid to a botheration that could be solved by just allotment a watch.

The system is advised for those that admire the account of Apple smartwatch, but aren’t necessarily keen on the tech-centric aesthetic. Now, you can use a beneath strap to amalgamate two watches in archetypal mullet appearance — business in the front, party in the back.

Of course, you’ll have to risk abrading the affectation on the Apple Watch, or turn it over and leave the acceptable watch on the underside of your wrist, but that seems to defeat the purpose altogether — if there ever was one.

If you acquirement a watch from the Sinn, you can add this dual-watch band for a mere $120. By itself, it’ll set you back $210.

If it were me, I might just accede above an Apple Watch rather than spend $210 on a strap advised to hide it.