With the amount of muscle appropriate to advance HTC’s Vive or Oculus’ Rift, we might still be a few years away from biting the boilerplate basic absoluteness market. Microsoft has other plans.

Today at Intel’s developer conference, Windows chief Terry Myerson appear a affiliation with Intel  that will make all future Windows 10 PC’s able of acknowledging (at least) mixed absoluteness applications on the HoloLens.

“All Windows 10 PCs next year will accommodate a holographic shell,” Myerson said. Holographic shell, in case you were wondering, is the operating system that runs on Microsoft’s HoloLens headset.

Virtual and aggrandized absoluteness seem to be the buzz worthy topics of this year’s Intel conference. Earlier today, Intel appear its own headset, Project Alloy that could see users accepting an aggrandized absoluteness acquaintance after cords — and with hand tracking — by this time next year.