Fresh of the hit that was the Super Mario Bros. franchise, Nintendo ample the accessible aftereffect to a game about a chubby plumber was one that featured the likes of baby Jesus, Hitler and the KKK. The game, Time Twist, isn’t exactly the family affable faire Nintendo is known for making in 2016.

Maybe that’s why it was only appear on the Famicom Disk System in Japan.

Hardcore gaming played through it afresh and noted “it seems like [Time Twist] took a look at Nintendo of America’s censorship rules and set out to create a game that broke each and every one of them.” From the screenshots, that appraisal appears accurate.

The gist of the game revolves around affair a girl, falling in love, having your soul stolen by the devil, angry Hitler and some Nazi’s and then being strung up with a noose by the KKK. Just wholesome family fun, right?

As you do.

Seems reasonable.

Been there.

Pretty much like I absurd it.

Um. Alright.

I don’t think that’s how it works.


That pesky devil.

For fuck’s sake.

This game might have a plot hole or two.

If you’re apprehensive why you’ve never seen it, it’s because Nintendo has basically tried to brush it under the rug. It was hardly advertised in Japan, never appear in the United States and the cover art and manual are about as non-descript as it comes.