Six years after Intel purchased McAfee antivirus for $7.68 billion, its architect is now in court angry for the right to use his own name. Bloomberg letters that John McAfee has filed paperwork to sue Intel, who’s attempting to block McAfee from using his name in a new business endeavor.

Intel, for what it’s worth, hasn’t used the McAfee name on its antivirus suite since 2014. In January 2014, Intel alone the ‘McAfee’ moniker and instead opted to market the antivirus suite under a new name, ‘Intel Security.’ According to Bloomberg, the pushback adjoin McAfee using his own name could be due Intel’s desire to adopt the aboriginal name in an attack to strengthen recognizability for a future sale.

Intel admonition Kerry Smith penned the afterward in a letter to McAfee:

Any use of the McAfee name would be likely to dilute the McAfee mark … by abbreviation its unique affiliation with McAfee and Intel Corporation. Through all-encompassing use, the McAfee brand is a strong mark and acutely acclaimed in the industry.

McAfee, if successful, intends to use the name to re-brand online gaming aggregation MGT Capital Investments, where he was named CEO and administrator in May. So far though, the rebranding to John McAfee Global Technologies Inc. has been back-burnered while the aberrant billionaire and Intel work out who owns John McAfee… the name, not the person (presumably).