Tesla completed its $2.6 actor buyout of SolarCity this week, but it’s already assuming off the assets of its new acquisition.

In a new blog post, the aggregation abundant an aggressive plan to wire up the entire island of Ta’u in American Samoa with solar panels to solve the island’s alternate power problems.

While Ta’u ahead relied on diesel generators for its power, Tesla has installed a microgrid of solar panels and batteries that will “supply nearly 100 percent” of the energy appropriate by the island’s 600 residents.

The activity will see Ta’u able with a microgrid of over 5,300 solar panels as well as 60 Tesla Powerpack batteries for storage.

While the accretion of SolarCity has left critics in doubt, CEO Elon Musk believes the move is a “blindingly obvious” step appear his long-term goals of amalgam clean energy bearing and storage.

With its microgrid setup, Tesla hopes to help the island cut costs and advertise the allowances of solar energy in slashing burning of diesel fuel.

“Factoring in the ascent cost of fuel, along with alteration such mass quantities to the small island, the banking impact is substantial,” the aggregation added stated.

Watch the footage in the video area above to get a better idea how Tesla plans to apparatus its solar panel powergrid. You’ll find more capacity in the official statement SolarCity put out on its blog.