Normally I always acclaim afterlight accouterments to the latest software version, but in this case it might not be the best thing to do.

According to assorted letters of users, afterlight to iOS 10.1.1 has a nasty abruptness in store for some. In a thread on Apple’s abutment forums that’s grown to 13 pages, complaints are shared about assorted iPhone models axis off when the array falls below a assertive percentage.

The aboriginal post explains that the phone dies when there’s 30 percent charge left, and many others have since replied that they’re experiencing the same.

Twitter hasn’t been quiet about the issue either, with hundreds of users accusatory about their iPhones about shutting down.

Last week, Apple appear it would alter adulterated iPhone 6S batteries free of charge under assertive circumstances, but the issue seems to apply to other models including the company’s latest.

Some of the users have also shared solutions that helped them — axis off the Raise to Wake affection on newer models served as a fix for this user. However not anybody has managed to get their phones activity commonly again. Here’s hoping Apple fixes the botheration in an accessible software update.


Let us know in the comments if you’re experiencing the same botheration and if you’ve found article that worked for you.