Beer is great, and home brewed beers are some of the best (or complete worst). Minibrew promises bendability in home brewing by making the action as idiot-proof as accessible through a smartphone app and commitment service. In fact, it’s about as easy as making coffee (although it takes a bit longer).

It’s also one of the more applied articles I found on the SXSW show floor, and one that really fits a need.

What is it?


Minibrew is an absorbing mix of hardware, software, and a commitment service. It starts by using the smartphone app to create the kind of beer you want to make. Whether it’s article funky — Minibrew skipped water once, and made a brew using addition beer instead — or article absolutely new. Or, you can even make clones of some of your admired beers using the sliders within the app.

Once you’ve keyed in the beer ingredients, it’s time to order them. Minibrew has your back there, too. Simply complete the order on the app and capacity are alien to your door in a matter of days.

From there, you just dump them into the keg, and let the apparatus work its magic. Beer is done in a few hours, but it’ll take a couple days to agitate once complete. All told, you’ll have ready-to-drink beer in about five days.

Why is it cool?


Home brewing has long been a accepted — and rather big-ticket — hobby. Minibrew takes some of the amount out of the blueprint (no more wasted batches) and adds some much-needed advice for new brewers.

What really sets it apart, though, is the level of customizability within the app. From there, you ascendancy aggregate from booze content, to flavor, to hop level. It’s a apparatus made for beer lovers, by beer lovers.

When is it coming?

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